5G Router Antennas

Here is a list of 5G routers with SIM slots that provide high speed 5G mobile Internet connectivity and also support high speed 4G Internet.  All the 5G routers listed here will support the connection of an external 5G antenna.  You can click on the links to view the full router details and get recommendations for suitable antennas to work with your 5G router.  Again – we only recommend using an external / outdoor 5G antenna in cases where your signal is much better in the proposed antenna location compared to the router location.  Installing a 5G antenna next to the router in the hopes that it will boost your 5G signal may result in poorer performance because an antenna placed next to a router means the signal now has to travel along the antenna cable resulting in signal loss.

5G Routers For Home / Office

These routers ere designed for home and office installation to provide high speed Internet using a 5G SIM Card.  These routers will typically use an outdoor antenna in cases where the 5G signal is better outdoors.  In most cases these will be Omni-directional 5G antennas and in some instances where the antenna is on the fringe of a 5G signal a directional 5G antenna may help receive a better 5G signal.  In the majority of cases a 5G router for home and office will not require an indutrial style 5G antenna due to the installation being in a home or office.

Zyxel NR5101

The NR5101 5G router has 2 x SMA connections on the rear for connection of a 2×2 MiMo 5G antenna.  The external antenna connection is designedprimarily for 5G frequencies so should only be used if there is a 5G signal in the external antenna location.  The external antenna ports are not advised for 4G only installations.

Zyxel NR5103 (EE 5G Router)

The EE5G router (Zyxel NR5103) has 4 x TS9 antenna connections on the rear for connection of a 4×4 MiMo 5G antenna.  These external antenna ports are for both 4G and 5G frequencies so can be used if the antenna can receive 4G/5G service and ideal if using the NR5103 as a high speed CAT20 4G router.

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