Zyxel NR5101 5G Router

Zyxel NR5101 5G Router
NR5101 Antenna Connections

Connecting External Antennas To The Zyxel NR5101 5G Router

NR5101 Antenna Connections



If we look at the picture on the left, showing the NR5101 router with the rear panel removed it shows the 2 x external antenna connections.

Unlike the NR5103, this router only has 2 two external antenna ports, but these are SMA so no adapter is needed for most 5G antennas.  However these antenna ports are for 5G only and not for the 4G, so when considering using an external antenna we would recommend only buying and using one if you have 5G connectivity.  Again, just a reminder, the antenna is not there to boost the 5G signal, but the antenna is located where there is a better 5G signal than the location of the router.  

1) Hardware Switch to switch between the Internal and External Antennas

2) SMA connectors for the external Antennas


Antenna Limitations:

The NR5101’s external antenna and device ability support 3300-4200 MHz.

Both Antennas have to be connected as they provide Multi-Mimo.


To use the external Antennas, connect them to the external connectors and flick the switch to the “ext.” Position.

The Device now uses the external 5G Antennas.

5G Antennas For The Zyxel NR5101

MIMORAD 5G Antenna (Omni-Directional)

If you have a good signal outside your property then an Omni-Directional 5G Antenna like the Fullband MIMORAD will provide excellent performance when used with the Zyxel NR5101 5G Router.  It is supplied pre-terminated with 2 x 5m long cables with SMA Male connectors that will screw straight onto the rear of the NR5101.

Panorama WMM8G-7-38-5SP Directional 5G Antenna
Directional 5G Antennas

If you have a poorer 5G signal or are just on the fringe of 5G network service then a directional 5G antenna like the Panorama WMM8G-7-38-5SP can be pointed at the 5G cell tower you wish to connect to and it may help achieve a 5G connection or improve a poorer 5G service.  You can contact your SIM provider who can advise the location and type of mast (4G/5G) or you can use a site like www.cellmapper.net to find the location of cell masts.

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