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ZTE MC899 outdoor 5G Router and T3000 WiFi Hotspot

ZTE MC889/T3000

This is a bundled deal offering the ZTE MC889 outdoor 5G Router and the T3000 Indoor WiFi Hotspot to give you the best 5G Internet Service combined with excellent indoor WiFi 6 Hotspot.

  • ZTE’s New Generation 5G outdoor CPE antenna paired with miracle WiFi 6 Router T3000 for the highest quality signal and speed experience.
  • Opening a new 5G era with wider coverage for up to 128 users, with an easy mesh one-click NFC connection, perfect for homes, businesses, holiday homes and villas.
  • Designed to be a compact size and light weight, provides an easy installation, including signal indicators and an APP to support you in choosing the best position for CPE & router
  • Working together they create a reliable, high quality signal ensuring 360 high speed CPE connection, that is protected with an advanced firewall
  • It’s superior performance is thanks to the upgraded chipset and processor, which are supported globally with 5
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