Lightning to Ethernet Adapter


Now you can use your iPhone or iPad to connect to the Ethernet Port of a 4G or 5G Router.  This enables you to connect to the router if you can’t access via WiFi.

Many installers will just configure their 4G or 5G router using a smartphone or tablet which is fine on the first installation, but what about a routing site visit or a maintenance call out and you cant connect using WiFi becuase the password you have stored is incorrect or the WiFi is not working.

This lightning to Ethernet adapter lets you connect to the Ethernet LAN port of the router and access the router Web Admin so you can log in and establish the fault without having to factory reset the router.  A factory reset in order to connect via WiFi can create issues when trying to diagnose faults as the system log and configuration will be cleared so it may be difficult to establish the cause of the reported fault.

Now, all you need is this ingenious Lightning to WiFi adapter as part of your installation toolkit (if you regularly just use an iphone or ipad to do configurations) and will save the need for carrying an unwieldly laptop to site.