N to SMA Adapter – N Type (Male) to SMA (Female)


N-Type Male to SMA Female antenna adapter for use with antenna extension cables (SMA) that need to connect to N-Type connections.


This N-Type to SMA adapter lets you connect one of our standard antenna extension cables (SMA female to SMA male) to antennas that have N-Type connections.  For example if you wanted to replace the 2 x 5m cables that are supplied with the FBXPMIMO antenna with 2 x 10m long antenna extension cables, instead of using 2 x 5m extensions with the connection half way then you could use two of these adapters screwed to the end of the 2 x 10m antenna extension cables and screw this into the connections on the antenna.


Type: Coaxial, RF Adapter.

Connect SMA to N Type Device, Compatible with N Type and SMA Connectors, Used for Connecting a SMA Male to N Female jack.
Connectors: SMA (Female) Jack and N (Male) Plug, One side is N Type Male (inside Screw and Male Pin) and the Other Side is SMA Female (Outside Screw and Female Pin).
Great for many projects which involves SMA and N Type connector. Widely used for Antennas, Broadcast, Radios, Wi-Fi, Telecom, Coaxial cable, LMR, Wireless LAN Devices, CCTV, Microwave Applications and Digital Communication Systems.