ZTE MC889 Outdoor 5G Router and T3000 Indoor WiFi6


ZTE MC899 lets you install the 5G router outdoors to get the best 5G signal and deliver this via an Ethernet cable to the T3000 indoor WiFi6 Hotspot / Wireless Access Point (AP).

This bundle of the MC889 and T3000 means that the router can be installed outdoors rather than using an indoor 5G router and external 5G antenna and can be a great alternative especially if there is a long distance between the outdoor 5G signal location and the indoor position for the router.


Why buy the ZTE MC889 Outdoor 5G Router?

You may have come to the 5G Antenna Store looking for an outdoor 5G antenna to connect to your 5G router.

If you have not already made your decision about which 5G router to buy and you know that you only have a good 5G signal outdoors then why not install an outdoor 5G router where you were thinking about installing your 5G antenna.

This will eliminate the extra cost of an external 5G antenna because the 5G router is positioned outdoors where it can benefit from receiving the strong 5G network signal from your chosen 5G network provider.

If the 5G Router is Outdoors, how Can I use it Indoors?

Now that the ZTE is connected to the 5G network using the high gain antennas inside the weatherproof housing you can deliver this high speed 5G Internet connection to the bundled T3000 WiFi6 Router / Access Point (AP) using an Ethernet cable.  Because the ZTE MC889 is powered using Power Over Ethernet (POE) using the supplied POE Injector it means that this same Ethernet connection can plug into the T3000 WiFi hotspot and deliver high speed Wireless Broadband to all your wireless devices inside with WiFi6 high speed wireless connectivity.  So all your phones, tablets, TV’s and laptops can connect to the T3000 WiFi hotspot Access Point and enjoy high speed 5G Internet.

What about Wired Devices such as PC’s and Printers?

The ZTE T3000 WiFi6 Access Point also features a Gigabit Ethernet Port so you can connect this to a network switch and connect multiple wired devices which can share the high speed 5G Internet service provided by the MC889 outdoor 5G router.

What is the main benefit of the ZTE MC889 compared to a 5G router with external 5G Antenna?

The main benefit, apart from price by not having to invest in a separate 5G antenna is the fact that the cable between the 5G router installed outdoors and the T3000 WiFi hotspot installed indoors is that they are connected with an Ethernet cable which can have a maximum cable length of 100m and is just a single cable.  Installing an outdoor 5G antenna a long distance sway from an indoor 5G router using longer than 5 or 10m of antenna cable can mean a big reduction in signal quality and service due to the signal loss along the length of the antenna cables.

About the ZTE MC889 5G Router bundle.

The ZTE MC889 5G Router / WiFi6 bundle provides a great solution for homes and businesses that want top take advantage of high speed 5G mobile broadband and want a simple, cost effective solution to get the best 5G signal by mounting their 5G router outdoors and delivering high speed Internet indoors using the high speed WiFi 6 Access Point that also provides Gigabit Ethernet ports for connection to indoor wired network devices.

  • ZTE’s New Generation 5G outdoor CPE antenna paired with miracle WiFi 6 Router T3000 for the highest quality signal and speed experience
  • Opening a new 5G era with wider coverage for up to 256 users, with an easy mesh one-click NFC connection, perfect for homes, businesses, holiday homes and villas.
  • Designed to be a compact size and lightweight, provides an easy installation, including signal indicators and an APP to support you in choosing the best position for CPE & router
  • Working together they create a reliable, high-quality signal ensuring 360° high-speed CPE connection, that is protected with an advanced firewall
  • Its superior performance is thanks to the upgraded chipset and processor, which are supported globally with 5G network configuration
  • This variant does NOT include antenna ports – The Router is installed outdoors where there is the strongest 5G network signal so does not need the addition of an outdoor 5G antenna.

You can view the video below which outlines some of the configuration options of the ZTE MC889 5G Router as well as a couple of speed tests showing the difference between using the router indoors and outdoors.