Is the Teltonika RUTX50 5G Router Suitable For Home Use?

RUTX50 5G Router

RUTX50 Overview

The RUTX50 is an Industrial Grade 5G Router from Teltonika and is primarily designed to provide robust, reliable and secure 5G connectivity for businesses that need a mobile broadband Internet connection for remote management and monitoring but need higher speed than a standard LTE 4G router.

This industrial specification is focussed upon reliability and security rather than speed and ease of use so many home users who need a 5G router for high speed 5G Internet may consider buying this because they think Industrial means better and reliability means an always on 5G internet connection and that a more expensive router must be better than a consumer 5G router but read on and we will explain why a more expensive, industrial 5G router might not be better for home users and also provide examples of why the Teltonika RUTX50 router might also be the preffered choice for some home users.

Comparing consumer 5G routers to Industrial 5G routers

If we take a standard consumer 5G router like the Zyxel NR5101 which is priced at around £300.00 + VAT (£360.00 incl. VAT) to the Teltonika RUTX50 or other Industrial 5G routers such as the Proroute NR550 which are priced at around £475.00 + VAT (£570.00 incl. VAT) then their are several important factors to consider.

The number 1 question we are always asked is about the speed and of course if spending between £300 and £500 on a router and accessing the 5G network you want your router to be as fast as your iPhone or similar 5G smartphone – but we recommend reading this blog post about comparing iphone 5G speeds to a 5G router which will help set your frame of mind to compare 5G router to 5G router rather than 5G router to 5G smartphone when thinking about 5G download and upload speeds.

5G modems inside routers will differ depending upon manufacturer.  In the RUTX50 for example the 5G modem is a Quectel RG501Q-EU modem with maximum theoretical 3.3 Gbps Download and 600Mbps upload speeds whilst the NR5101 uses 5Gb download and 950 Mbps upload


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