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What Is Cellmapper?

CellMapper is a useful app for locating 2G/3G/4G/4G+ base stations. The application measures the signal strength and other network data collected by end users and uses the data collected to locate network base stations and their coverage. The application is currently supported on Android and Windows 10 Mobile devices.

CellMapper servers calculate the data that users have sent and creates graphical representation of it in the map delivered by Google Maps, which can be browsed directly from the Android App or CellMapper webpage. The model can not account for certain variables though, so in order to get reliable data, one should keep the measuring phone in as clear and unobstructed area as possible. An ideal measuring setting is as unobstructed as possible, such as large fields of prairie, but for instance in cities obstacles are unavoidable. When measuring, one should move in 1/2-3/4 circles at different distances around the presumed base station in order to get the most accurate results.

The application supports real time transfer, so the data collected is sent to Cellmapper’s servers as you measure. You can also manually send the data after measuring or resend already collected data. After the files have been sent to the server, they are processed within minutes if there is not much load on the servers at the time. If the servers are under heavy load then processing data can take up to hours or even a full day. The delay of processing speed is a known issue, and will be addressed in the future.

Does Cellmapper Show 5G Cellular Base Stations?

If you use the Cellmapper App on your android phone then the app will display 5G cell towers.

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