TS9 to SMA Adaptor


TS9 plug to SMA socket Adapter.

Twin Pack – each pack contains 2 x TS9 to SMA adapters


TS9 plug to SMA socket Adaptor (pack of 2).

BUY A PAIR OF TS-9 to SMA adapter.

TS-9 antenna connectors are used on some 5G Routers such as EE 5G routers.

Suggested Routers for compatibility.  

Huawei B818-263 Router 3 Prime

Zyxel NR5103 5G Router (has 4 x TS9 antenna connections on rear of router) ideal for use with 4×4 MiMo 5G Antennas. (will need 2 packs ie. 4 x TS9 adapters)

EE5G Router 2022 (this is the rebadged NR5103 Router from Zyxel) and has the 4 x TS9 Connectors on the rear for external 5G antenna connection. (will need 2 packs ie. 4 x TS9 adapters)


If you have a different router then please ensure you check the antenna connections with your supplier for the router before buying a 5G Antenna.